Fine Arts

Fine art backgroud is very important to Jui-Chen Hu in her life, here displays her art works. Through art and fashion she expresses herself to the world.

The Organ Continent


 The thoughts in mind is invisible, but to define the invisible is something you can not see. When it comes to the horror movies, the scariest scene would be turn the person inside out, to see the not visible internal flash, something is not tangible become something spread out in front. Just to imagine the reality, everything you can see, everything cannot be seen.


The Chi People


Once upon a time, there was a person live in the country Chi in acient China. He always worries about when the sun will burn out, when the flowers will fade, when the rivers will drain..... People laugh at him, said "No need to worry about somwthing unnecessary you can worry about. The sun will not burn out, the flowers fade when fall comes, the rivers will never drain......." That's how we've been told, but is it true? 


Other Works

Jui-Chen has always been interested in different forms of art. From painting, collage, to metal-smithing. 

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